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Opti-Park T250 Tilting double stacker information

The Opti-Park T250 is a high quality tilting double stacking parking lift with an economy price.


Fully CE and ISO compliant with 10 dynamic safety features.

Easy to operate and well-engineered with a heavy duty 2,000kg load capacity.

Tilting action designed for low ceiling height.

Height adjustable.

Anti-slip decks.

Operates with both 1 and 3 phase outlets.

5 year structure warranty / 1 year warranty on all parts.

2,000mm available vehicle height.



Doubles parking capacity where ceiling height is an issue

Free delivery, installation and paint customization

Low cost: most economical high quality tilting double stacker car lift on the market in the UK

Low maintenance

Universal parts for global availability

Designed to operate under low ceilings with a minimum height of 2900mm.


Technical Specification

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All prices include delivery and installation costs.

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