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Opti-Park V300 car scissor lift information


The Opti-Park V300 is a high quality car scissor lift with an economy price.


Fully CE and ISO compliant with 10 dynamic safety features.

Easy to operate and well-engineered with up to 30,000kg* load capacity. *fully customisable

Height adjustable from 3,000mm to 15,000mm.

Anti-slip deck.

Operates with both 1 and 3 phase outlets.

5 year structure warranty / 1 year warranty on all parts.

Scissor lift can be customized to suit most platform lifting requirements.



Low cost: most economical high quality scissor car lift on the market in the UK

Free delivery, installation and paint customization

Low maintenance

Universal parts for global availability

Can stand as tall as 15,000mm and take up to 30,000kg load capacity


Technical Specification

Rear view.

Side view.

Angled view – without load.

Angled view – with load.

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All prices include delivery and installation costs.

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